FTP - Modelação Santa Rita

If you want to access the FTP, ONLY to see the files related to you and Modelação Santa Rita, just use one of the links provided at the end of this article and fill out the necessary data.""

If you want to insert files on our FTP, you need to perform one of the following forms of access, suggested below:
1- Windows Explorer.
2- Install a plugin (FireFTP) in Mozilla Firefox.
Following is the necessary procedure for the realization of previously suggested files.
Windows Explorer:
1) Open the Windows Explorer.
2) Type at address bar, the address of the Modelação Santa Rita's FTP.*
3) This brings up a screen asking you to put the user and password**.
4) Enter the username and password that was passed to you by the Modelação Santa Rita and click "Login" (If you desired, you can check the "save password" option).
5) It's done, you are in!

Install FireFTP plugin at Mozilla Firefox:
1) Open the Mozilla Firefox
2) Acess the website to download the Plugin.
3) Click at the button "Add to Firefox".
4) A screen will be opened, then click FireFTP item on this screen and then click at the button "Install Now".
5) A new "small window" will be opened requesting to restart Firefox. Click to restart, then the FireFTP will be instaled.
6) After instaling the FireFTP, at the Mozilla Firefox, click on "Tools", then "Web Developer" and finally on "FireFTP".
7) Near the browser's address bar, there is a "Connect "button, click on it.
8) A windows will be opened. Enter the Login and Password** informed by Modelação Santa Rita and click Ok.
9) The connection to our FTP will appear on the right side of the screen.
10) Your screen is on the left side and ours is on the right. If you want to Upload any file between the servers, you just need to select the file and click on the green arrow in the middle of the screen.
11) It's done, you are in!
Copy a file to your computer via Browser:
1) Acess the directory where the file is.
2) Click the right mouse button on the specific file and then click "Save link as...".
3) Choose the directory where you want to save the file and click "Ok".
4) Please wait to conclude the download of the file and it's done!
Remember that, the other options suggested previously, also work for you to copy the files to your computer!

Access FTP:
Click here to access the FTP, at a Pop-Up.
Click here to access the FTP in another tab.

If you have any possible doubt, please contact us. We will be happy to assist you!

*If you don't have our FTP address, please contact us.
**The username and Password will be provided when you need to access our FTP, for such contact us that our IT staff will assist you.


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